Pierre Vigneault LinkedIn
Pierre Vigneault
Founder and Chairman of the Board
QuoteDIREXYON provides a unique, agile and rapid modelling approach that is unparalleled in the industry. From the outset, our strategic vision is to help our customers simulate different approaches to determine the most profitable options. Our dream is to become the global standard in the democratization of financial modelling, and we are getting there with every successful client implementation.
Gabriel Veilleux LinkedIn
Gabriel Veilleux
Vice President Finance
QuoteThe infrastructure asset management market is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of high-quality strategic planning using solutions like ours. Companies that make the transition quickly will be one step ahead of their competition.
Frédérick Faucher LinkedIn
Frédérick Faucher
Vice President Business partners
QuoteStrategic planning at the highest levels of an organization relies on many inputs with inherent risk assumptions.  Helping our clients to mitigate that risk and enable insightful, data-driven decisions is what we do best. At Direxyon, our solutions complement our clients’ deep expertise and allow them to justify their decisions using a bottom-up modeling approach.  We help our clients to better understand their business and make optimal decisions in line with their cost, performance and risk tolerance targets.
Mathieu Morin LinkedIn
Mathieu Morin
Vice President Operations
QuoteDIREXYON helps its clients save time and money in areas of their organization where they are investing the most. Our tools allow our customers to quickly test different strategic planning approaches to reduce risk and costly human error. The philosophy behind our tools is to make modelling as visual as possible to deliver executive-level reporting for strategic analysis and continuous improvement.
Alexandre Bisson LinkedIn
Alexandre Bisson
Vice President Technology
QuoteWe are providing our clients with state-of- the-art technology to help them achieve their most ambitious asset management goals. We believe that we must constantly reinvent ourselves to develop the best software on the market. The transparency of the calculations made by our software is a fundamental criterion that guides our decisions. It is important to us that our clients be able to understand and explain their modelling results.