XPND Capital announces major investment in Montreal-based technology company DIREXYON

XPND Capital announces major investment in Montreal-based technology company DIREXYON

Montreal – Tuesday, March 20, 2018 – XPND Capital, the investment fund managed by Alexandre Taillefer, announces an investment in the Montreal-based technology company DIREXYON. With its team of 50 employees, DIREXYON provides financial modeling and predictive analytics software solutions, particularly adapted to the infrastructure sector, to large organizations for improved decision-making.

Its software is used by clients both nationally and internationally who need to efficiently and strategically manage portfolios of assets. The company’s unique technology, designed and developed in Montreal, allows organizations to explore various strategic investment options in order to ensure infrastructure sustainability.

How DIREXYON Technology Works

DIREXYON software is used by decision makers seeking to maximize their investment strategies. The company helps clients digitize their institutional expertise and provides financial modelling solutions with tremendous computational power. This allows the client to simulate and analyze the most profitable options for an infrastructure network by leveraging billions of calculations generated in a way that is human-readable, comprehensible and relevant.

Quote from Alexandre Taillefer, Managing Partner, XPND Capital

“The solutions developed by DIREXYON are nothing short of a revolution, led by a team with an exceptional vision and expertise in financial modelling and software development. The company brings together state-of- the-art technology, an impressive client portfolio and a tremendous potential for growth. We are very proud to support an organization like DIREXYON that meets all our investment criteria.”

“Montreal is home to remarkable expertise when it comes to technological innovations. We must ensure that we tap into this exceptional expertise to develop world-class businesses in high-potential sectors. That’s exactly the case with DIREXYON.” — Alexandre Taillefer, Managing Partner, XPND Capital

XPND Capital has acquired a 30{76a10d78d04e112156734d2d636dc893ae0a5fbdefde79b043bd28411ac9e222} stake in DIREXYON. The amount of the transaction will not be disclosed.

Quote by Pierre Vigneault, Founder and Chairman of the Board, DIREXYON

“The DIREXYON team is very pleased with the XPND Capital investment, which will accelerate our business development efforts around the world,” states Pierre Vigneault, Founder and Chairman of the DIREXYON Board.

“More than ever, organizations that optimize their investment strategies will be ahead of the competition. The role of our team of developers and financial modelling experts is to provide a solution that will help decision makers find the most profitable options for their organization.”

DIREXYON is led by Mario Bottone, who was appointed President and CEO in November 2017. He holds an MBA from McGill University and over 20 years of experience in IT, sales, marketing and product strategy. He has held key positions in several companies, including Logibec, Technologies 20-20, Workopolis and Monster.com.

About DIREXYON Technologies

Based in Montreal and founded in 2001 under the name Solutions Modex, DIREXYON provides large organizations solutions for strategic financial modelling. Its software products help organizations to take the best strategic decisions through the digitization of their institutional expertise. Website: www.direxyon.com

About XPND Capital

XPND Capital is a private equity firm focused on growth investments. It promotes the emergence of major businesses, leveraging the expertise, networks and strategic capital of institutional investors and entrepreneurs from the technology sector. Website: www.xpnd.com

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